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DIY Crepe Duplex Paper Flower (Morning Glory) Making Craft -

Crepe Duplex Paper Flowers Morning Glory Making Craft Tutorial
Learn how to make morning glory flower with duplex crepe paper in an smooth way with this fantastic tutorial educational by using Artsy Fartsy.

Duplex crepe paper is quite commonplace to make paper vegetation because it makes them appearance pretty practical.

You can use duplex paper plant life in a spread of methods however this craft tutorial will specially consciousness on making a adorable yellow morning glory flower.

You can even make this with crepe paper by myself but duplex crepe paper is greater long lasting and thick so it's far higher you use it rather than crepe paper.

Whether you are a amateur or expert, you'll discover this paper plant life academic pretty clean to comply with. You just want to do the steps proven in the tutorial well and you'll quickly end up with a beautiful morning glory flower!

Watch this video:-

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